Teaching Pedagogy

Utkarsh Business School follows an innovative philosophy of Individual Learning the Utkarsh Individual Learning System (UILS).

The ULIS is a strategy of education and learning based on a students strengths and weaknesses. While normal classroom or Distance Learning Programmes are based on the premise that all get equal attention, are exposed to the same curriculum and evaluated on the same pattern, the UILS presumes that the needs of individual students are different, and thus, must be differently addressed.

Utkarsh B-School has adopted UILS as its teaching methodology. For as student, UILS is generated after interaction between the student and the faculty, and is based upon assessment made therein. The UILS also incorporates the long-term goals of the student while giving credence to student s aspiration cultural, social, artistic or personal.

The Utkarsh approach to learning includes lectures, seminars, workshops and case studies. There is a very strong stress on communication skills.

The faculty at Utkarsh is drawn with an essential background of working in industry with equally strong skills in transferring knowledge to students. There is an equal stress on evaluating the competence of faculty and upgrading these skills as is a high level of involvement in the learning process by the students themselves.

Anti Ragging

Ragging is never necessary! Ragging is a crime, reward is jail.

Ragging is a criminal offence as per the Supreme Court verdict. Ragging is an offence under penal code and under section 116 of the Karnataka Education Act, 1983 (Karnataka Act No.1 of 1995). UBS have vision Let's make India 'Ragging-free.

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